the philosophy

The idea behind ROBIMACK is simple:

We offer perfect cuts that are just as easy to style at home with a minimum of effort and time, but with a few simple "flicks" of the brush or iron can be turned into a fantastic evening style.

That goes for the men too!
All styles and colours at ROBIMACK are based on the individual needs and lifestyle of the customer.

The Hairstylist – Haircutter, Friseur/Frisör  [friˈzø:ɐ̯] – Friseurin, Frisörin, Coiffeur, Bartscherer, Figaro, Haarkünstler, Hairdesigner, Haarschneider, Bader, Barbier – is your specialist for the care of the hair and hairstyle.

the team

Robert is originally from Vancouver, Canada where he trained and worked as a colour technician. His own salon ROBIMACK he opened in Munich 2006.

He is always able to create a stunning colour/cut combination that goes perfect together. 

Liza is the master hairdresser at Robimack and responsible for the team.  The whole crew of professionals who build the most perfect team to create amazing looks each of them with a special skill at their hands. In particular, their attention is given to the individual styling of ROBIMACK's customers.

There is one goal to follow:

the prices

Wash | Cut | Dry
small 40,- eur
medium 50,- eur
large 60,- eur

Wash | Dry
small 25,- eur
medium 30,- eur
large 40,- eur

Straightening | Curling iron
20,- eur

small 55,- eur
medium 65,- eur
large 75,- eur
prices according to complexity 

Brow / Lash Colour
25,- eur

small 65,- eur
medium 75,- eur
large 85,- eur
prices according to complexity

Forming / Body Wave
small 75,- eur
medium 85,- eur
large 95,- eur

Unfortunately, credit card payment is not possible.

  • Robert MacKinnon - Owner ROBIMACK
  • ROBIMACK - cut - style - look
  • A smile from your mirrow
  • ROBIMACK - hairstylist located in the heart of Munich

the products

  • Products - American CREW - Daily Shampoo
  • Products - American CREW - Defining Paste
  • Products - American CREW - Grooming Cream
  • Products - American CREW - Grooming Cream
  • Products- American CREW - Official Supplier to Men
  • Products - REVLON - Eksperience
  • Products - REVLON - Eksperience
  • Products - REVLON - Style Masters
  • Products - nutri color - creme